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Karin Comer is the Director and manager of the company and started the business 17 years ago. She has more than 25 years local work experience and is responsible for the placements, general welfare of each intern and communication. Karin has a degree in Communication & Public Relations and Food & Clothing Technology and worked for national firms before embarking on this adventure. Karin just loves her job, working with the different students. With office hours from 7h00 to 24h00 she needs many cups of tea a day to keep her going.

Katherine Comer has also teamed up with her mother and is also assisting in the office now with IT related tasks and general office work. She plans to study full time from next year and is currently a full time swimming coach for schools and clubs.

Dianne Fugel Besides describing herself as a mother, a wife and a "normal" person.... Dianne is a a funny, dedicated and very capable lady. Born in the Eastern Cape Province, she has spent most of her adult life in Cape Town. Her experience is in administration, the banking industry and working with children in her later years. Dianne and her family are very active in her church. Her interests are crafts, reading... and she loves anything with "words". Her office motto of "Keep Calm and enjoy tea" fits in perfectly in the office.

Wesley Jamili started working with XChange several years ago just after he arrived in South Africa from Malawi and soon crawled very deep in our hearts. Wesley is a Christian with the biggest smile on his face. He is friendly, helpful and assertive and assumes responsibility for maintenance of our properties, overseeing maintenance done by contractors and assisting with the preparation of rooms for new arrivals. He stays amongst our students and has recently started surfing. He is also a keen bodybuilder.

Our Office Mascots

Pele - Our township guide for the past ten years

Cleaning staff Thando, Angie and Abby

Support Team

We furthermore have students (interns) in our team who assist in caring for the whole group of students, arranging weekly activities and compiling weekly newsletters. On week-ends they organise student outings, such as going to Cape of Good Hope, skydiving, hire a bus for a wine tour or for the adrenalin junkies, doing shark diving, skydiving or paragliding.

Tina 02

Clemens 03

Steffi 04/05

Yvonne 04/05

Valentin 05

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Jan 06/07

Jule 03/07

Daniel 06

Sasha 05

Susan 04-08

Anna 05

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Romi 10

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Caroline 11

Change SA in other countries


An announcement will follow shortly about the partnership program in Mauritius and Ireland. We will also soon upload new information about FINDING JOBS FOR FOREIGN SPEAKING PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA. These are all exciting new developments.


Social Responsibility Activities

Karin Comer, Director and Founder of the company says: "As director of the company, I firmly believe it is important to be active in one's community, give where one can and support projects and campaigns that need support."

Over the years, the Directors and students from XChange have done various fundraising events in Europe for Western Cape charities. Homes for Aids children, organisations for abused women and more recently a project for street children in Cape Town, have become beneficiaries. The latter received an amount of over R50 000 from a fun walk held at a school in Hamburg via ex-XChange students and staff.

We further have done Christmas parties in the Townships every year and can truthfully claim that we have made significant contributions to upliftment, the sharing of professional knowledge, job creation and tourism development during the past years. Our last Christmas function was held for abused mothers and children and it was an emotional afternoon learning how a simple kind deed could really mean a lot to people.

We have also assisted an orphanage in Elsies River for 30 children – all abandoned, neglected or abused by parents. We normally take them food, but also assisted with a cleaning team to help maintain their gardens, paint or just help by playing with the children. This is a very measurable project and what we do really makes a huge difference to both the staff and children.

Furthermore we have  supported a class for twelve 10–12 year old semi-literate children in providing all their books and equipment. We also supported a school for high school children who would not have gone back to a normal government school due to many social factors. We sponsored a large percentage of their school books and stationery for the 90 plus young people. One of these children is now in a top mainstream school and we supported her with school clothing and other needs. She is doing very well at school at present.

Our interns with our planning and support completed a heated indoor swimming pool, 2 play parks, painted murals in a recreational area, a soccer field and several other charity events for the organisations we worked with since 2008/9 already.

Our students also started a special project with our help and support. A trust has been set up to fund a job creation project in a Cape Town Township. This project was started by two of our interns with the aim to assist an unemployed man to earn a living. They helped to identify needs in the Townships, wrote a business plan and helped him set up a small, but successful business. Funding is available to start phase two of the project - funding raised by our students. This project has gained support and respect by some prominent Rotary Clubs in Cape Town.

We regulary support charity gala's and fund-raisers. We have also sponsored printers for schools, stationery for special needs schools and something we are most proud of, are the number of projects our interns are involved in on the side during their stay in South Africa. Many volunteer for projects over weekends as part of their community service and make a contribution in this way to all local communities.

A national recycling programme was set up for various national retailers - now employing more than 5 full time local people.

We are most proud to see how the input of our students eventually result in jobs being created for locals.



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XChange SA
2 Aandblom Street
Durbanville, 7530
Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 976 3066
Fax: +27 21 976 9149
Email: xchangeadmin@xchangesa.com

Karin Comer
Cell: +27 83 285 2085
Skype Name: CultureXChange
Email: karincomer@worldonline.co.za

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Just some positive feedback

"I want to say thank you for all the things you have done. I really had an amazing time in South Africa and I'm sure I will be back some time.

Marten Oude Reimer
Holland, July 2015

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