Engineering Internships

Engineering Internships

Field: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 001

Location: Cape Town

Length: 4 to 6 months

Short description: This is a fairly large, well-known Mechanical & Electrical engineering consulting firm. They are responsible for a number of very large projects in and around Cape Town. They do analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical or electrical systems. Their Electrical engineers are responsible for a wide range of technologies. They design, document and supervise the installation of electrical and electronic systems e.g. Electrical and Electronic building services, Medium and High voltage electrical Reticulation, Repair and Maintenance Programme for Public Facilities RAMP.

Tasks: Students are integrated in the firm according to their interests or expertise.

Applicant requirements: Senior students in either mechanical or electrical engineering.

Level of education: Senior.

Language skills: Good English is required.

Field: Mechanical or Solar Engineering

Reference number: ENG 002

Location: Cape Town

Length: 6 months

Short description:This is a well established Solar manufacture. Besides constantly looking at the development or improvement of their products, the also do installations, they sell, distribute and install a range of purpose-designed solar water heaters catering for a variety of applications and conditions.

Tasks: The tasks varies from designing, research, training, manufacturing or field work. Applicant requirements Energy engineering for technical studies are suitable Level of education. They prefer interns from their 3year year of studies onwards.

Language skills: English.

Kind of person: Motivated, self-starter is essential.

Field: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Reference number: ENG 003

Location: Parow, Cape Town

Length: 3 – 6 months (Factory closed during part of December)

Short description: This company has established itself as a market leader in the steel industry in South Africa and its associated lines of business. They have grown to be the largest privately owned steel mill in South Africa with some 2400 workers. They now control the steel manufacturing from raw materials to final product. Only South African steel is used and this guarantees a very high quality steel at a constant grade. Tasks would depend on the current needs of the company and also the study field of the intern. Currently they need assistance in breaking larger financial departments into smaller measurable units. They also have a need to do factory floor Planning / layout, time management studies, production scheduling, develop incentive schemes for staff, quality management studies, planning software, the development of incentive schemes for sales staff so that they can move from fixed packages to commission remunerations schemes, feasibility studies on the outsourcing of logistical facilities compared to in-house operations as well as consulting to the management of the company.

Applicant requirements: Computer Skills, Financial qualifications, International Marketing, Productivity, Warehousing, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, with study fields like work flow are some of the fields that can be offered by this firm. Level of education Senior level of studies or general study in a specific field.

Language skills: Good English.

Kind of person: Disciplined hardworking team player.(motivated, team etc.).

Field: Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Reference number: ENG 004

Location: Parow, Cape Town

Length: 4 to 6 months

Short description: This firm holds a leading market position in Southern Africa, specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of fans to the industrial, mining, power generation and HVAC sectors. They design, install or maintain. This makes them one of the few firms who work during the summer Christmas holidays when other firms close for the holidays. It is a well establish family business with more than 300 workers.

Tasks: Interns are involved with production or designing. Some have been involved with development as well of new concepts.

Applicant requirements: Senior student in the 3 or 4 year is a minimum requirement.

Language skills: Good working English is the basic requirement.

Field: Mechanical Engineering or Technology Designing

Reference number: ENG 005

Location: Montague Gardens, Cape Town

Length: 4 to 6 months

Short description: This is a technology company focused on the development and manufacture of innovative induction technology for the processing and analysis of base and precious metals. They have a strong research base and a proven ability to manufacture award winning technology, for the jewellery, dental, and laboratory markets. Founded in April 2005 this technology company utilizes its extensive expertise in: Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Metallurgy, and Technology Commercialization, to bring to market innovative technologies in various induction heating applications. They focus on the manufacturing, marketing and research of induction technology, instrumentation, and beneficiation of precious metals. Internationally there is an increasing interest in induction cooking appliances because its efficiency is substantially higher than existing electric stoves. They have developed induction systems which are more efficient and simpler, which would allow to decrease the unit cost.This would allow to them to target a broader consumer market.To date they have a prototype induction plate.

Tasks: As most of their staff are qualified mechanical engineers, they are looking for team players who can become part of their team and assist with product development or design, new technology development and tests or assist with research on new products.

The project including the intern is focused on the next steps required to get the product ready for market, which would include: Market research to refine product requirements. Detailed competitor analysis; Based on market research develop proposed product concept and industrial drawings; Refine product design through consumer analysis; Refine ergonomics and user interfaces; Finalize product design specifying functionality, dimensions, material. If there is time available, to take it one step further and develop the market entry strategy.

Applicant requirements: Car might be required to get to and from work.

Level of education: Only senior level of studies.

Language skills: A team player with a sound knowledge of the above industry is essential.

Field: Civil, Environmental or Structural Engineering

Reference number: ENG 006

Location: Pinelands, Cape Town

Length: 3 to 6 months

Short description: This company was established in 1922 and has provided consulting services in all fields of civil and structural engineering for more than 80 years. Their core values of integrity, professionalism and quality have stood the test of time. The company focuses on the provision of consulting services in all fields of civil and structural engineering. Today they have offices in all major centres in South Africa, employ some 300 staff, and have worked throughout Africa, offering the full spectrum of engineering and associated disciplines through the various companies in the Group.

The company has expert expertise in the following fields:
Bridges, airports, project management, railways, buildings, industrial, roads, stormwater, river catchment management, infrastructure services, geographic information systems, waste management, transportation and traffic, wastewater, water, water resource management, institutional and social development, geotechnical engineering; land development and housing, mining infrastructure.

Tasks: Interns are always given a very good level of responsibility if they have skills and knowledge of one of the above fields.

Applicant requirements: Car might be required to get to and from work.

Level of education: Senior level of studies.

Language skills: Good English.

Kind of person: A dedicated person with a keen interest in their studies. People with work experience has preference.

Field: Environmental, Water and Waste Engineering

Reference number: ENG 007

Location: Northern Suburbs of Cape Town

Length: 4 to 6 months

Short description: The company is the leader in Environmentally Responsible Waste Management. Their work includes waste management, waste solutions, setting standards in environmental stewardship; the development of innovative solutions within targeted markets

Tasks: Mainly project work.

Applicant requirements: Sound knowledge of environmental management, engineering or related fields.

Car might be required to get to and from work.

Language skills: Good English.

Field: Consulting Engineers for all fields

Reference number: ENG 008

Location: Cape Town

Length: Minimum 4 to 6 months

Short description: This firm is one of the largest multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firms in the world, offering a broad range of multidisciplinary professional technical services across diverse market sectors. They have more than 6000 engineers working for them. Fields of operation includes: community development and infra-structure (civil, mechanical, structural), energy, mining and industrial, property, transport and water.

Field: Electrical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 009

Location: Northern suburbs of Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer

Short description: This company is a project engineering concern placing high emphasis on PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and Information Integration systems. Since its inception in early 1992, this company has acquired that unique blend of hands-on skills and experience at shop floor and management level, to provide totally integrated solutions with unparalleled professionalism. Helping companies improve their productivity, effectiveness and quality of end products, while reducing operational costs, while adding value to business is the main focus of their work.

Tasks: This company is used to working with interns. Your work will depend on your skills, as well as the work they are busy work at the time of your internship.

Applicant requirements: Senior students. A car might be required to get to and from work.

Language skills: Good English.

Kind of person: Hard working team players required.

Field: Building, Civil Engineering and Redevelopment

Reference number: ENG 010

Location: Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer

Short description: This company is one of the leading specialist in the field of building, renovation, restoration and the recycling of buildings. From humble beginnings as painting contractors in the early 1960’s, founders have built a substantial national business that boasts an impeccable track record and sound reputation.

Tasks: Depending on your background and practical experience, you will probably assist with site work, supervision, management, construction designing and related tasks.

Applicant requirements:You must study fields like building or construction management or related fields.

Level of education: Any level.

Language skills: English.

Kind of person: You must be able to work with people, be meticulous, give attention to detail and be able to work relatively independently.

Field: Engery and Chemical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 011

Location: Cape Town

Length: 3 months or longer

Short description: This is an Africa-based energy company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via our extensive retail network.

Tasks: Depending on their needs, you might be involved with a number of projects.

Level of education: Senior student, studying one of the above fields of engineering.

Language skills: Good English.

Kind of person: Self-starter with initiative.

Field: Mechanical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 012

Location: Cape Town

Length: Minimum requirement would be 4 months or longer.

Short description: This company is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising technological innovation and total efficiency, they maximises the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers. In 2008, this firm net sales totalled EUR 4.6 billion with 19,000 employees. The company has operations in 160 locations in 70 countries around the world. It is a listed company. Their services range from in-situ machining, laser alignment, straightening propeller shafts and rudder stocks, repair, retrofit and rebuilding, and environmental solutions for metallurgical and underwater repairs of both propellers and shaft seals. They are the world’s leading supplier of marine engineered sealing systems, and the only supplier in the world to offer a full range of both radial and axial seal types, commonly known as face seals and lip seals, for any ship type or ship size, whether naval or commercial.

Internship Option: Technical Placement – Field Service Unit (Mechanical Engineering or Technical Management)

Applicant requirements: The ideal candidate would be a senior student in either engineering or management fields. This is largely a data analysis role where you will use the company database of past jobs to determine what the standard man hours, staffing requirements and materials are used for standard type of jobs like 12 000 hour service. This information will then be used by their sales support team to improve the quality of their quotations to customers.

Field: Mechanical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 013

Location: Northern suburbs of Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer.

Short description: This is South Africa's largest manufacturer of boilers. The company, whose roots in the boiler industry go back to its founding in 1870, began manufacturing in South Africa in 1954. Today the company is a Boiler and Environmental solutions company serving the Utility and Industrial markets and are involved with world-competitive design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of industrial boilers with steam outputs of up to 320 t/h and their combustion equipment. The company also designs and manufactures related products, incorporating heat transfer technology, and selectively undertakes high integrity fabrication work. In addition to having developed in-house, world-class coal and fibrous fuel technology, AJT has access to Eckrohrkessel technology.

Tasks: Depending on your field of studies, you will probably be involved with project related tasks, maintenance or project management.

Applicant requirements: Senior level of studies in either mechanical, industrial or energy engineering

Car might be required to get to and from work.

Level of education: Senior level of studies

Language skills: Good English

Field: Mechanical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 014

Location: West Coast area, Cape Town

Length: 3 to 6 months

Short description: Based at the only nuclear power station in South Africa, this company works as a subcontractor in the fields of engineering, instrumentation and control, nuclear services, heavy component manufacture, modernisation, fuel assemblies and the development and construction of nuclear power plants.


  • To attend a 3-day radiation worker course to introduce the worker to the hazards and save working practices when working inside a nuclear power plan.
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Project Management procedures.
  • Working with various electrical control relays controlling plant equipment.
  • Working with international codes and standards (ASME, ISO & BS) relating to the LNS Quality Management System.
  • Pre-Service, in-service inspections and testing of installed pressure vessels and compressed air lines as co-ordinator for the „SAR compressed air supply to Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation“ project.
  • Quality Control on the installation of for example: upgraded Emergency Siren Warning system project.

Applicant requirements:

  • Studying towards an Engineering degree
  • Have a strong technical and organisational background
  • Reasonable English language skills, some previous experience and be hard-working, independent and reliable.
  • A car to get you to and from work is essential.

Level of education: Senior level of studies.

Language skills: Very good English is essential.

Field: Industrial, Mechanical, Management, Technical and Electrical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 015

Location: Southern suburbs of Cape Town

Length: 3 months or longer.

Short description: This company has a mission is to be a world class business focused on innovation, offering their customers dynamic and competitive technology products and services, aimed at the communications, some defence and contract manufacturing markets. As an international force, they focus on understanding their customers' needs and forming long term strategic alliances with like-minded enterprises worldwide. We use two key strategies to develop the group's businesses: A product strategy which involves defining, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products for South African and world markets; and a services strategy which seeks to provide a comprehensive range of services that complements our products and meets our customers' needs.

Tasks: You must either have knowledge of technical marketing, management or engineering and be a senior, master’s or MBA level in your studies. Alternatively you must have technical skills that are In the field of mechanical, electrical, industrial or related studies.

Applicant requirements: A car might be required to get to and from work.

Language skills: Good English – especially with technical ability in English.

Kind of person: You need to be quite independent in your thinking or reasoning. As this is a top international name in their field, only the best candidates will be considered.

Field: Electrical, Megatronics and Industrial Engineering

Reference number: ENG 016

Location: Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer.

Short description: This company is South Africa’s leading specialist in LED application design, development and manufacturing. With a focus on providing a complete solution rather than only products, they ensure that the LED product exactly matches the client's requirements. This is essential when it comes to where critical factors such as current control, heat dissipation, installation, mechanical fittings, environment and power supply selection can all negatively affect the life of the LED if not thoroughly considered. They design and manufactures all their LED products in South Africa, thereby being able to control the quality of the product to match world class standards and yet remain affordable. The quality of the LED is critical in ensuring that the life of the product meets the client's expectations. They source LEDs from the best manufacturers around the world to use in their products. All LEDs are thoroughly tested for premature light degradation at the Cape Town premises. They also assist lighting designers, signage companies, interior designers, branding companies and architects in choosing the correct materials in their design to ensure optimum illumination.

Tasks: Product development, Project Mangement, Lighting design and testing, costing and feasibility analysis, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Production, Component Sourcing, LED Technology, Photometrics, Quality assurance.

Applicant requirements: Study in one of the above field at a more senior level – up to master level studies. Your level of English should be sufficient as well. This is a really good company to work for as there are many local young people and the vibe is very good.

Field: Industrial Designing

Reference number: ENG 017

Location: Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer.

Short description: Formed in 1999, the studio is a frequent winner of awards for design excellence, among them SABS DISA awards for domestic, commercial, industrial, ICT and engineering products. The company which operates both internationally and locally, offers end-to- end management from consumer research, product design, prototype development to manufacture. Its unique approach to solving problems can be applied to industries including medical, telecommunications, high-tech and FMCG products, homeware, furniture, packaging and industrial goods.

Applicant requirements: Only top applicants will be considered for this firm. They are very busy, but enjoy the input of student in aspects of their work. You have to have a portfolio of your work or designs and be able to work fairly independently or in a team. They also prefer designs that are now the normal student work, but something a little bit more cutting-edge. This is a top internship opportunity for the right student.

Level of education: Senior

Language skills: Good English

Field: Medical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 018

Location: Cape Town

Length: Any

Short description:The Group of Companies, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1963. Originally the company specialised in the field of medical equipment mounting systems and pipeline suction equipment. Over the years the Group's activities have expanded, by organic growth and by acquisition, into three distinct areas: Capital equipment, Surgical sutures and sale and distribution of medical devices.

Tasks: Depending on the skills of the intern, the main tasks will be technical work related to designing,

Applicant requirements: Technical studies in fields like medical engineering. A car might be necessary as the firm is located outside the city centre.

Level of education: Any.

Language skills: Good English.

Field: Business process engineering, Solar, Industrial Engineering

Reference number: ENG 019

Location: Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Length: 2 to 6 months

Short description:This company has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of high quality, durable, effective and affordable solar water heating systems. They manufacture, sell, distribute and install a range of purpose-designed solar water heaters catering for a variety of applications and conditions and ensure that each unit installed is optimised to their clients needs. They pride themselves in their contribution to promoting the use of sustainable and renewable energy through their service to hundreds of satisfied clients spanning twenty years and their ability to tailor their products to specific needs, be that domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

Tasks: Optimizing and documenting company systems, processes and infrastructure. Evaluate and compare new technologies. Conduct economic feasibility studies on the implementation of the technologies. Conduct research in the field of waste-to-energy. Risk analysis, business planning, financial projections

Applicant requirements:

  • Business Administration Background./
  • Have strong technical and organisational skills.
  • Previous work experience, and a hard working and motivated individual.
  • Access to a car is essential.

Level of education: 3 Year or above in studies.

Language skills: Good English.

Field: Consulting, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering

Reference number: ENG 020

Location: Cape Town, Stellenbosch or national

Length: 4 to 6 months

Short description:As one of the largest multi-disciplined engineering consultancies in the continent, this company offers to its clients all the benefits of a world-wide group: global reach, shared knowledge and local relationships. They are rated in the top 5 in both South Africa and Europe and top 10 world-wide.This Group is a large global business providing management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment, specialising in projects for the property, transport, industrial and environment sectors.

Tasks: It depends on the work they are busy with, the needs of the moment and the skills of the intern. This is an excellent internship company.

Applicant requirements: They want motivated and passionate people with the ambition and drive to make a difference. The company’s culture is about looking beyond the immediate surroundings, questioning the received wisdom and embracing change.

Level of education: More senior.

Language skills: English.

Field: Facilities Management and Building Engineering

Reference number: ENG 021

Location: Tokai, Cape Town

Length: 4 months or longer

Short description:This is a multi-disciplinary property developer with a significant impact upon the market, the local economy and the community. In responding to global and regional macro economic, social, urban and environmental challenges, this firm has grown from an entrepreneurial family firm to become a leading national Property Development Company. Their signature environmentally friendly developments have won numerous awards. They are one of the leading property developers in and around the country. This is a really rewarding and exciting internship opportunity.

Tasks: Interns can be involved with project management, research, servicing commissioning, commissioning stage, hand-overs, occupational stage, post reviews, project closure and reporting stage.

Applicant requirements: Study fields like building engineering, civil engineering, designing, facilities management and more.

Level of education: You should be able to participate already in all the above activities as a senior student.

Language skills: English.

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