Facilities Management Internships

Facilities Management Internships

Field: Facilities Management, Building Engineering & Engineering

Reference Number: Facilities 001

Location: Tokai, Cape Town

Period: 4 Months and Longer

Short description: The company is a multi-disciplinary property developer with a significant impact upon the market, the local economy and the community. In responding to global and regional macro economic, social, urban and environmental challenges, the company has grown from an entrepreneurial family company to become a leading national Property Development Company. Their signature environmentally friendly developments have won numerous awards. They are one of the leading property developers in and around the country. This is a really rewarding and exciting internship opportunity.

Tasks: Interns can be involved with project management, research, servicing commissioning, commissioning stage, hand-overs, occupational stage, post reviews, project closure and reporting stage.

Applicant requirements: Study fields like building engineering, civil engineering, designing, facilities management and more.

Level of education: You should be able to participate already in all the above activities as a senior student.

Language: English.

Kind of person: An honest, hard-working intern who has a good knowledge of their subject and suitable qualifications. A people’s person is essential.

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