Communications, Journalism, International Studie Internship in Cape Town

Communications, Journalism, International Studie Internship in Cape Town


An internship is currently available for a senior or graduate intern in fields like Communications, journalism, International studies or relations. This international company is keen to find the right person to assist with membership renewals and communications. The candidate will get a lot of good international relations experience and build valuable contacts as well.

Period: 4 – 12 months
Starting date: End November or January 2021

The company is looking for:

Mechanical Engineering Job Avavilable

Mechanical Engineering Job Avavilable

We are looking for a young Mechanical Engineering student in their final year or a young graduate.

Commencement date: Beginning of 2021

Only students from the University of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch may apply for this position.

The company is based in one of the industrial areas close to the city.

Interested to get more information?

Please, send your CV only if you would qualify for this position.

Sport or Paediatric Physiotherapy Internships

Sport or Paediatric Physiotherapy Internships

A company in Cape Town is looking for local students in the Sport or Paediatric Physiotherapy field in the near future.

Requirements: Studying or have studied Sport or Paediatric Physiotherapy related studies.

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

Please remember to attach your CV and any other relevant information. Please contact Karin on 083 285 2085 or on or apply now

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Once You Indicate That You Wish To Be Part Of Our Program, You Need To Do The Following

Application Process

Apply for an internship or volunteer program can be confusing and time draining. We, here at XChange South Africa, have create simple and easy step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

  1. Compile a detailed Curriculum Vitae. (Even if we only arrange your logistics for you)
  2. Add details of previous work experiences, computer skills, languages spoken, subjects at university, dates, hobbies etc. It is important that we know how well the intern speaks or doesn't speak English.
  3. We require a recent photograph of the applicant for official use. It can be emailed separately. (Helps to find a person at the airport.)
  4. We require any relevant information that could assist in finding you the most suitable internship. Inform us of your field of work/studies, your likes and dislikes and full details of your university requirements as well.
  5. We need a short letter indicating what you are applying for and what your skills are.
  6. We need the correct dates when you will be starting and finishing your internship.
  7. XChange further enjoy getting feedback from universities, or co-ordinators where possible about the applicant. It is always good to have more knowledge about a student so that one can place them correctly.
  8. The XChange SA Team will inform you, the student, from time to time about progress made with the application.
  9. Examples or support with the writing of a good Curriculum Vitae and letter can be requested. We will never send out any application that is not proof-read and not in good, decent English. So the student never has to worry if their language ability is not yet perfect.