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5 Mistakes that could ruin your job application

  Are you looking for a job but not finding anything? Well, it could be that something is missing from […]

How And When To Apply For A Job Position

I just finished school, and my academic studies or the company I worked for closed down. Now I need to […]

With The Help Of XChange, I Found My Internship, Now I Have A Job As Well

"I never thought I would get this far. I arrived in South Africa with no English. I learnt the language […]

Difference Between Internships And Learnerships

Introduction Distinguishing the difference between internships and learnerships is one of the biggest misconceptions we face as an established company. […]

Why You Should Apply For An Internship In Cape Town With Us?

Do you want to stand out from the rest? Are you adventurous? Or do you have no clue what you […]

Publishing My Own Books And Writing My Own Blog

"I never thought, this post would get that much attention I would be absoluteley thrilled, if you could share some […]

Starting Your Own Business

"Last week Saturday marked exactly 3 months since I officially started my own business. I haven’t been great with responding […]

Wetu Introduces Brian To Their Marketing Team In Cape Town

Original article: Meet Brian, the first foreign intern to join team Wetu. And in virtually no time at all, […]