Chantel (Company)
South Africa

"We want you to know that Bibi has had such a positive impact on the staff and children at our Home and that there are a few people in this world who are able to work with disability in the way that Bibi can and we all believe that she has a special gift that she will share with all those that she will come into contact with. Any organisation that Bibi works with will be lucky to have her as not only does she have a special gift, she gives her all and that is often a value that is hard to find. I confirm without a doubt that the report she created was hers as we have all watched the effort she put into her report and how seriously she takes her school work, we have seen the impact that she has had on the children and we appreciate the guidelines that she has left for future staff and volunteers- it is a report that we have all learnt from and future individuals will learn from."