The Netherlands (2015)

"As travelling was always one of my dreams, I saw the opportunity to travel to South Africa without delaying my study. I grew up in a country where football is the national sport, The Netherlands, I've always been in contact with the sport. Working with the professional sportsmen in Cape Town was an amazing experience that is priceless.

The players and the medical staff were so friendly and welcoming towards us, what made me feel 'one of the team' from the first day. We worked with all of the youth as the first team also. We were mostly busy with the loosening up, strapping and rehab in the gym. The company physio's and fitness trainer have taught me so much. I will always be thankful to them all. I never regret a moment of travelling to South Africa, XChange placed me in a house with a lot of awesome students, we did things together like; Garden route, Rocking the Daisies festival, Surfing, Chilling and a lot of dinners! I'm so thankful for every day I've spent in South Africa!!

Thanks for everything Karin!! XChange did a great job and I'm so thankful!"

- Neeltjie