Ghana / Swaziland (2016)

During my stay in Cape Town, I was an intern at an international engineering firm in Cape Town, a company which designs and manufactures industrial fans and related products, and is also involved in the design of cooling and ventilation systems.

I got a chance to spend time in three different departments which was beneficial to me because as a Mechanical Engineering student I got a chance to experience how different production decisions are made by qualified engineers as a result of tests which are performed as well as calculations and theories which are applied in order to achieve optimal results. I also got a chance to participate in the manufacturing process of fans at different stages which exposed me to some manufacturing methods such as CNC machining and more.

The company was quite large but the people were friendly and I formed great relationships with those I worked closely with. Despite some transport and weather issues which were still infrequent, I followed the normal working hours of the company and that gave me a full picture of what working for a large manufacturing company feels like.

Besides my work, I also took time together with my housemates to enjoy the beauty of Cape Town. Hiking the iconic Table Mountain (you have to do it more than once!) and other mountains around, wine tasting in some amazing wineries, going to the many beaches around to surf, swim or just chill, watching the sunset from a number of cool spots, visiting some historic sites, trying out the numerous food options available, exploring other cool areas close to (or sometimes far from) Cape Town are just a few of the activities we had to choose from and we did most of them if not all!

As one would expect there were definitely some hardships due to the fact that it was a new place with new people and new customs to get used to but compared to what was gained from the whole adventure, these hardships were almost insignificant. I am grateful for my time in Cape Town not only because of the things I did but also the special friends I made there. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.