Germany (2004)

'No Regrets'
"End of June, 2004. I pass the exit gates of Cape Town International Airport. A long flight lies behind me and I am so excited what lies in front of me – 6 months in South Africa. I have been standing in contact with Karin Comer via email for the last few months and now I will meet her in person in some minutes. The following months will be so impressive, that I often look back to that time in South Africa. “Once you have been here, you want to come again”, Karin was so right. Originally I studied business administration in the Netherlands in that time. One essential part of these studies was to spend half a year in a company. Away from theories, closer to practical experiences.

After my studies I started at Deutsche Bank in Düsseldorf, later in Cologne and Frankfurt in as Risk Analyst. After 5 years I changed to a company in the logistic sector to be part of the Risk Management and Treasury team. Till then it seemed to be a normal way of life. But there was one passion I lived all the time: Music. During my days in school, my studies and my jobs I have been engaged in many musical projects. It began with one band as a back-up keyboarder, and later I have met many musicians, got new possibilities and new assignments as keyboarder and piano player. In 2009 I have become part of a band for 3 musical projects in the following 4 years in the Netherlands. In 2009 I was involved in a song writing and studio recording session for a female artist in Switzerland, who released her album some months later. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 I got the possibility to attend several musicians in holiday resorts in Spain.

I remember that I also took part in several jam sessions in Cape Town, for example at Rafikis or Sauces. I used to play the piano every time when I saw a piano. Also on my company’s Christmas party at the Arabella Sheraton or at Karin’s home. Unforgettable moments! End of 2012 there was a break. I asked myself, if I would be ready to pass the next years with the same job, I used to do the past years. I quit my job in the financial sector and spent some months with many thoughts about my future. One of my best friend and a great musician told me then: “Ben, later you only regret things, you have never done.” And so I decided to change my life to become a professional musician.

In the beginning of my self-employment, I started to teach other people how to play piano. But my main focus in my new life is to compose and to produce music for media. This includes music for commercials, for product videos, for companies at all etc. In the last months I could win my biggest customer (a tire-production company in Germany). Now I am busy to plan my public relation as homepages, cards and strategies. One of my last wins was to get an exclusive mandate for a media and film agency in Cologne. Now I am very excited what 2014 will bring. May your dreams and wishes in 2014 come true."