Germany (2016)

"I had just turned 19 and finished high school in Germany when I came to Cape Town with the organization to volunteer for an NGO and its German partner organisation IIZ-DVV from August 2004 until February 2005. Back then the organization advised me that an internship with an NGO would well suit my ambitions to later study humanities.

I am immensely grateful for the amazing experience with ALN & IIZ-DVV. Assisting with the development of teaching manuals on HIV and tuberculosis, visiting local sites such as the UNESCO Livelihoods Project near Stellenbosch and representing ALN at conferences greatly improved my English, my self confidence in public speaking but also provided me with a unique insight into the challenges facing Cape Town.

Eight years later I am still in contact with other interns. We met during the legendary sailing trip and dinners organised by Karin Comer who made us feel part of her family at all times. My wonderful experience with ALN in Cape Town has laid the foundation and curiosity to study politics and law in Australia, England and The Netherlands. I now look back on having undertaken internships and work experience with 12 international organisations since leaving Cape Town but it is the internship with ALN in Cape Town which is the most special to me because I grew so much as a person during this time.

THANK YOU Karin and ALN & IIZ-DVV teams for this inspirational experience which has truly shaped my life."

She now holds a second degree as well in law.