Aruba (2016)

"Hi Karin,

Please find below a small summary of my internship. Kind of wrote it directing it to students that get a chance to go to JnJ.

My internship at JJn was a really fruitful experience, not just because I was in Cape Town, South Africa, not because I had a nice & smooth welcoming to the country and to my workplace, not because I was always looking forward to spend 8 hours a day with awesome South African people I called my colleagues and especially not because the big boss promoted to finish work earlier on Fridays so I can go surfing. Well actually, those are exactly some of the reasons why I FELL IN LOVE with everything these 5 amazing months in South Africa and at JJ had to offer. Guess I'll always be their "Plankie" at J J. If you get a chance tell them "Plankie" sent his kindest regards, straight out of warm and tropical Aruba!

Hope you are happy with this Karin!