Why Should You Apply For An Internship In Cape Town?

Why Should Apply For An Internship In Cape Town?

Written by: Katherine Comer
Date: 30 June 2019

Do you want to stand out from the rest? Are you adventurous? Or do you have no clue what you want to do as a career? Why not travel and learn at the same time? Well, we have the answer: why not do an internship in Cape Town? An internship or volunteer programme is a great way to gain practical, hands-on experience. It also allows for different thinking, perspectives and collaboration of people from different countries and walks of life. This article should guide you and give you a clear understanding of why you should apply for an internship in Cape Town with XChange South Africa.

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Why Cape Town?

Cape Town, more commonly know as the ‘Mother City,’ is voted “one of the best cities in the world”. Cape Town is a beautiful city at the foot of Africa. There are plenty of forests, mountain ranges and pristine coastlines stretching for kilometres with every adventure activity you can think of. Something the makes Cape Town unique is the vast variety of different mixing cultures, religions and ethnicities. With this uncommon combination of nature, culture and history, there is literally something for everyone in Cape Town.

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Why XChange South Africa?

“If there was an award for 'the best support abroad' I'd give it to you.”

If you are like many people that don’t know what occupation you want to do one day, an internship or volunteer programme can help you identify if this is the career of your dreams or not.

"I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done and for organising the most fantastic internship I could ever imagine!”

XChange South Africa offers a HUGE variety of internships and volunteer programmes. If we do not cover what you have in mind, we offer a custom-made internship or volunteer programme just for you. Established in 1997, we have been proding internship and volunteer oppotunities for decades. We know what we are doing.

Upon arrival in Cape Town, we arrange:

  • Internships / Volunteer Programme
    We will find you an internship or volunteer work based on your personal interests and university requirements.

  • VISA Application
    Support With Your VISA Application. *Excludes the cost of your VISA.*

  • Airport Pick-Ups
    We personally meet and pick you up from the airport.

  • Phone Card Activation
    We make sure that you have a South African registered sim card.

  • Grocery Shopping
    We take you grocery shopping on arrival to make sure that you have your own food.

  • 24/7 Support
    We remain your contact while in South Africa. We are prepared to handle any emergency issues that might arise.

  • Money Exchanges
    We help you exchange currency to South African Rands.

  • Affordable Housing
    Our houses are competitively affordable and fully equipped with all the necessities.

  • First Day At Work
    We personally take you to your internship on the first day of work.

  • Cleaning Staff
    We have a weekly in-house cleaning staff.

  • Car Rentals
    We provide affordable car rentals from trust companies.

  • Meet Other XChange Students
    It will be easy for you to meet students from other houses, counties and study fields as we have a very close network.

  • Adventure Activities & Tours
    XChange South Africa will help arrange adventure activities and tours at discounted prices.

  • After The Goodbyes
    XChange South Africa still remain in contact with most of our past interns and volunteers - many who have become very good friends of ours.

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Why should I do an internship or volunteer programme?

  1. You will stand out on your CV
  2. Gives you guidance if you are unsure of what career to choose
  3. Networking possibilities
  4. Build lifelong friendships
  5. Hands-on, practical learning experience
  6. Different thinking and collaboration
  7. Possible job opportunity
  8. Learn a new language
  9. Get to travel to a new destination
  10. Better your English in the business world

So what are you waiting for? Apply NOW!

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