Internship Application Process

Here is a list of what you will need to apply for an internship program in South Africa.

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  1. Compile a detailed CV and send it to us.
  2. Add details of your previous work experiences, computer skills, languages spoken, subjects at school & university. It is important that we know how well you speak (or do not speak) English for instance. (Please ask if you need help.) All work experience should be listed, including exact dates for everything. You must include an address, your contact details, date of birth, and personal interests. Even achievements outside of school and university is important – inclusive of dates. A few references that we can contact is important.
  3. Add a photograph of yourself or email it separately – it always works well and helps to identify the person when we work with your file.
  4. Name any relevant information that could assist in finding the most suitable internship for you. Besides telling us your field of work/studies, knowing and understanding what you like or dislike is important too.
  5. Write a short letter indicating what you want to do, what skills you possess.
  6. Give us the correct dates of when you wish to start and finish.
  7. Assist us by supplying the necessary and correct information; advise us of changes in dates, and times and / or internships requirements.
  8. The XChange South Africa Team will inform you from time to time about progress made with your application.
  9. We keep a data base of applications should something come up at a later stage. We may contact you should a suitable placement become available.