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Internship Categories

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Accounting Internships

Accounting Internships Accounting, also known as accountancy, is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic […]

Administration Internships

Administration Internships A person in administration provides office support to either an individual or team and is vital for the […]

Advertising Internships

Advertising Internships Those who are interested in advertising internships in Cape Town will be excited to learn that this fascinating […]

Aerospace Engineering Internships

Aerospace Engineering Internships Aerospace engineers evaluate designs to see that the products meet engineering principles. Aerospace engineers design primarily aircraft, […]

Agriculture Internships

Agriculture Internships Studying agriculture helps you develop a mix of technical skills and knowledge, including land use, farming practice, food […]

Animal Science Internships

Animal Science Internships Animal science internships are great to do in South Africa as we are blessed with a vast […]

Architecture And Design Internships

Architecture And Design Internships Interested in an Architecture and Design Internship in Cape Town, South Africa? The construction field is […]

Art Therapy Internships

Art Therapy Internships Art therapy is an established mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to […]

Biochemistry Internships

Biochemistry Internships A biochemistry internships in Cape Town, South Africa are for those people who would like to enter a […]

Business Management Internships

Business Management Internships General business management involves the supervision, the organisation and coordination of business resources and operations to achieve specific […]

Chemical Engineering Internships

Chemical Engineering Internships South Africa is rich in minerals and hence there is a demand for chemists in the mining […]

Civil Engineering Internships

Civil Engineering Internships By participating in a civil engineering internship in South Africa, you will work alongside established South African […]

Conservation Internships

Conservation Internships Conservation South Africa is committed to helping society to adopt a more sustainable approach to development, but also […]

Counselling And Psychology Internships

Counselling And Psychology Internships Counselling and psychology internships in South Africa will expose you to the complexities of South Africa’s […]

Digital Marketing Internships

Digital Marketing Internships Digital marketing intenships encompass a wide variety of marketing tactics and technologies used to reach consumers online. […]

Economic Internships

Economic Internships A great way to learn more about economics is to sign up for a economic internship in Cape […]

Education Internships

Education Internships Children are compelled to attend school in South Africa up to a certain age. We have educare facilities, […]

Electrical Engineering Internships

Electrical Engineering Internships Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and […]

Environmental Studies Internships

Environmental Studies Internships Environmental studies usually focus on climate change, the conservation and sustainable use of natural recourses and ecological […]

Events Managment Internships

Events Managment Internships Cape Town is an events wonderland. It has the venues, the buildings, the beauty, and some really […]

Facilities Management Internships

Facilities Management Internships Facility management, or facilities management, is a professional discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of […]

Fashion Design Internships

Fashion Design Internships Fashion has moved beyond being a statement about how one chooses to express themselves to speaking to […]

Film Internships

Film Internships Film and Media internships abroad in Cape Town will provide you with relevant hands-on learning opportunities in a […]

Finance Internships

Finance Internships If you are studying towards a business/finance degree and are hungry for emerging market exposure, a Business and […]

Geology Internships

Geology Internships A geologist internship could range from participating in training and research opportunities to working under the supervision of […]

Graphic Design Internships

Graphic Design Internships There are many excellent graphic designers in South Africa. Our advertising industry is vibrant and can stand […]

Horticulture Internships

Horticulture Internships A horticulture internship is designed to provide and environment in which you as the student can interact with […]

Hospitality Internships

Hospitality Internships South Africa has world-class hotels, restaurants and lodges to cater for the locals and foreigners visiting our shores. […]

Human Resource Internships

Human Resource Internships Although there are plenty opportunities in HR, it is challenging. Jobs are also not easy to find. […]

Industrial Design Internships

Industrial Design Internships Industrial design is a strategic problem-solving process that drives innovation, builds business success and more. An internship […]

Industrial Engineering Internships

Industrial Engineering Internships Industrial engineering gives you the opportunity to learn how to plan and execute technical production and how […]

Information Technology Internships

Information Technology Internships South Africa is an exciting destination in which to do a technology internship abroad. The city boasts […]

Interior Design Internships

Interior Design Internships Interior designers are responsible for various tasks that’s associated with a commercial project. An internship in Cape […]

Journalism, Media And Photography Internships

Journalism, Media & Photography Internships All the above study fields are all very good placement fields through XChange South Africa. […]

Law Internships

Law Internships Law students can usually select between working in a corporate firm or NGO’s – especially those working in […]

Logistics And Transportation Internships

Logistics And Transportation Internships The primary goal for transportation and logistics management is to transport inventory through a company’s supply […]

Management Internships

Management Internships Management in general is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a non-profit organization, or […]

Marketing Internships

Marketing Internships We are usually able to offer interesting and varied internships in several sectors. Opportunities exist within the marketing […]

Mathematics Internships

Mathematics Internships Mathematics is basically applicable to nearly every industry today, anything from science and technology to healthcare, business and […]

Mechanical Engineering Internships

Mechanical Engineering Internships Mechanical engineering is an engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science, to […]

Medical And Public Health Internships

Medical And Public Health Internships For many years, South Africa has been known to offer great opportunities to medical students […]

Nursing Internships

Nursing Internships Changes in the health care system worldwide and changing social systems, political values and financial constraints in general […]

Nutrition Internships

Nutrition Internships Nutrition is the study of how food and drink affects the body. Enrolling in an internship in Cape […]

Occupational Therapy Internships

Occupational Therapy Internships Nutrition is the study of how food and drink affects the body. Enrolling in an internship in […]

Pedagogy Internships

Pedagogy Internships Pedagogy is a term most commonly understood as the method of how teachers teach, in theory and practice. […]

Physiotherapy Internships

Physiotherapy Internships Physiotherapy is our largest placement field. We have been working with some of our placement companies for 20 […]

Public Relations Internships

Public Relations Internships Public relations refers to the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relations between organizations and their […]

Radiology Internships

Radiology Internships Radiology is the discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose diseases and guide their treatment, within the bodies […]

Real Estate Internships

Real Estate Internships Real estate refers to private property in the form of buildings and land”. An internship in Cape […]

Refugee Programs

Refugee Programs Africa hosts a significant share of the world's displaced persons. Various factors drive people to leave their homes […]

Shipbuilding Engineering Internships

Shipbuilding Engineering Internships Shipbuilding engineers also known as marine engineering is an excellent field for Cape Town. We have large […]

Social Media Internships

Social Media Internships Social Media is a valuable communications tool used locally and worldwide to share, create, and spread information. […]

Social Studies Internships

Social Studies Internships Social studies also known as social science refers to the study of human behavior, relationships, resources, and […]

Software Engineering Internships

Software Engineering Internships Software engineering is the designing and writing of programs for computers and other electronic devices. Software engineers […]

Speech Therapy Internships

Speech Therapy Internships “Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders.” This is a global […]

Sport Internships

Sport Internships Nothing is as exciting as the thunderous roars of passionate fans in an arena or on a sports […]

Sustainable Development Internships

Sustainable Development Internships Sustainable development is all about enhancing human well-being and the quality of life for all time. Those who […]

Teaching Internships

Teaching Internships If you are interested in pursuing a career in teaching, you will likely want to spend as much […]

Theatre Studies Internships

Theatre Studies Internships Theatre internships in South Africa. This includes staging, performing arts, theatre production, theatre directing, sound and lighting. […]

Tourism Internships

Tourism Internships Tourism is the act and process of spending time away from your home in the pursuit of relaxation, […]

Urban Planning Internships

Urban Planning Internships Urban or regional planners are people who identify community needs and help to develop short- and long-term […]

Web Design And Developement Internships

Web Design And Developement Internships A Web Designer or a Web Applications Designer is responsible for designing the overall layout […]